And the Oscar goes to… part 1

I got really really sad that “Dark Swan” isn’t a costume nominee, but as the event is comming, and we’re counting the days, hehe, I tought would be nice to show you the most desirable clothes of the big screen this year, and my  choices.

The King’s Speech,
I’ve seem that movie and I must say Colin Firth is amazing as King George VI, so I won’t be surprise if he wins as the actor in a leading role.
The film has 12, yes, 12 nominations, like best picture, costume, directing and music.
And this is one of my favorites as well, not because Helena Boham Carter is on it, but that helps hahaha, this is exciting and the royal clothes as the locations are inspiring.
Black Swan,
beautiful beautiful beautiful
Black Swan has 5 nominations, like best picture and actress in a leading role.
Natalie Portman as the psycotic ballerina is the favorite, and my favorite, as the best actress.
The ballet costume and make-up are just unique, and the movie is emotional, coherent, fragile and intense at the same time.
The tempest,
nominated only as best costume,
this Shakespeare tragedy doesn’t has an expectacular script,
but offsets in costumes and cinematography.
Alice in Wonderland,
directed by Tim Burton, the fairy tale has an amazing art direction, 
and has 3 nominations , as art direction, of course, costume and visual effects,
I just think it should be a make up nominate too, cause Johnny Depp and  Helena Boham Carter’s make up
are one of a kind. It might be the great winner of best costume.

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