Like a Gipsy

Hello everyone, before the real post I must warn you that my classes at school began, I’m almost freaking out ok, so the frequency of posts will not be the same, as this is my last year at school, I’ll have a short time to post here, don’t be mad at me, pleaase.

And for this monday i’ve prepared a hole text all about long skirts.
Because I know lots of people like me love them but don’t realize how they could wear.
 If you’re  overweight forget about them, cause they can highlight your stomach.
And if you’re short, you’re not prohibited, but caution when using, if they’re contrasting with the shirt it can cut your silhouette, but if they’re on the same colour it is ok, especially if the tones are neutral, like nude, caramel, brown.

Neutral tones skirts.

As always the skinny tall girls can use as much as they can.
But where can you wear them?
At the day you can use with t-shirts, leather belts, vibrant colours and floral prints.
At night, in a more formal place sequin, silk, tulle and organza are apropriated,
As tailoring shirts, or shirts with swaroviski (like Angelina Jolies’s).

Long shirts for day

Longs Skirts for formal events

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