Bowler Hat

How about being an icon of Victorian Era( !!! ) and the 1920’s (!!!), being a feminine and masculine icon??
The BOWLER HAT can be all of these and more.
It was created in 1849 and was very popular with the working class, however, it came to form the official uniform of the bankers in the XIX century.
In the 1920’s, because the feminism, the bowler hat was once again “in vogue”  and became part of women’s closet.

XIX century

Immortalized by Charlie Chaplin, by the images of René Magritte and by the character Alex in the movie “A Clockwork Orange” , the bowler hat can also be a very modern garment nowadays, composing boyish or indie looks, and even recreating a 20’s atmosphere in the daily outfit.

René Magritte image
A Clockwork Orange – Alex

To be inspired :


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