A chat with : Aline Weber

Hello everyone!
This is a little interview I did a few days ago with the model Aline Weber during Rio Fashion Week, when she talked about fashion, life and style,
hope you enjoy it!

Grandma SmC:
– What inspires you to compose your looks?
– Well, it depends on the day, in what I have to do, if it’s a photo shoot, a fashion week or going out to dinner. And it also depends on how I’m felling in each day.
G: – What do you like to wear?
Aline: – Lately I’m wearing a lot of knitted pieces, as this colorful dress I’m wearing today ( at the picture ). I do like colorful pieces in every fabric, because they pass some kind of joy.
G: – And during Rio Fashion Week, what were your favorites fashion shows?
Aline: -I preferred Agatha and Cantão and In menswear I liked Addict.
G: – And after Rio and São Paulo Fashion Weeks, where are you going?
Aline: – I’ll fly back to New York, where I live, for NY Fashion Week.

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