Visione Artistica – "A agonizing reality in oil"

 In this first post for this column, I chose an artist who goes against the general idea of ​​contemporary art that is the mega installations, sculptures difficult to understand, use of technological media,all this to create concepts and criticize others. The artist is Amanda Joseph who invests in the simplicity of canvas painted with oil to create characters, mostly women, very realistic with certain attributes in exaggeration as skin problems and injuries to criticize violence and human evil personalities.
         And after an initial shock for the content of realistic scenes, the viewer notices the presence of sequins on the wounds that refer to the style of singer Ke$ha, the artist’s muse. A trace of irony and freshness in her work, so it creates a unique style in her paintings.

Amanda was born in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA, and is studying at the University of Notre Dame and had already the opportunity to present her works in the Zg gallery in Chicago.
For more information and photos: click here



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