Review – São Paulo Fashion Week

Some people ask my opinion about fashion in Brazil, well, this is a tough question.
First because we live in a globalized world were information and fashion inspirations are exchanged with facility, and second because Brazil has a very recent history in fashion, with a fashion calendar and shows, unlike the French or the Italian fashion. Brazilian fashion is discovering itself.
But considering those aspects, I can affirm that what we do here is already something with quality, otherwise, São Paulo Fashion Week would not be the 5th most important fashion week in the world.
During this week happened the fall-winter 2012 edition and I selected what I thing are the most relevant fashion shows, those that pass the Brazilian soul, those that represent us the best.
Hope you enjoy it!
Alexandre Herchcovicht ( men ), this designer, that shows his female  collection at NY fashion week, created one of the most amazing, or the best collection on this season, inspired in Judaism and  in the  rabbis ( Alexandre is jew ), he worked with blue, black and white, always referring to the symbols of this religion but, with a modern face and shape, as the big padded coats.

Amapô. I really enjoyed it s well. Full of geometry, transparency and colorful prints, the collection is unique. Inspired in cartoons and away from the trends and from the sober color of the winter, some pieces , as this second dress are my new desires.

FH by Fause Haten, inspired in Elvis Presley movies during the 60’s, this collection is full of sequin,  transparency, silk and fur ( real and fake )

Gloria Coelho, wonderful show, inspiring! Always minimalist, this designer has also very sporty and knows how to create unexpected  but feminine shapes. This collection theme was “neutrinos and volcanoes “. Gloria recreated the explosions of both in shape and sequins and created a print with a possible photo of a neutrino in microscope.
Iodice, with luxury and mini a length, Waldemar Iodice, the designer, created a rock n’roll atmosphere. The collection full of golden tones, leather, sequins and jersey. And the shoes are a truly work of art.

João Pimenta, João is a young designer and very very talent. In these collection, his inspirations were the XIX century ( * __* ) ,  the ” steam punk ” and the “plage doctors”, that were the doctors during the Black Death in the Middle Age and that used to wear those masks with herbs on the beak to protect them from the smell. João created an idea that every man can be his own monster and his own prince. And he innovates with skirts for men, specially in a place lie  Brazil, where we do not have this culture. 

Julia Jabour, the woman in Juliana collection is almost a girl, is very feminine. Juliana mixes in a special and modern way the colorful tailoring with knitting.

Neon, very colorful, this collection is the essence of the Brazilian woman, elegant but joyful at the same time. Inspired in the diversity of Brazilian flora, it is composed by wool and suede . The huge hats are also fantastic.

Osklen, the brand created by Oskar Metsavaht has the perfect mix of minimalism and colorful looks. This collection was now inspired in the African roots in Brazil, and in a kinda of prehistoric man,  in a man preoccupy with his environment, with an aesthetics that  reminds me a lot the atmosphere we could live in the “Terra Nova” tv serie.

Pedro Lourenço, I’m sorry, I won’t be impartial, because Pedro is my favorite Brazilian designer, not only because he has both parents designers, because he is only 20 years old, or because he also presents his collection at Paris Fashion Week. But because he is extremely talented. For this season he was inspired in a trip he made by the Atacama desert and the Patagonia region.  Despite being  a winter collection, the colors were really light, referring to the  snow and the sand, there were  prints of Patagonia landscapes as well. There was a lot of leather,  nylon, wool and fur. 

Samuel Cirnansck, replacing jewelry by clothes, Samuel was inspired in elegant swans to create luxury. With  a magnificent embroidery,  Samuel has also worked with feathers and suede over organza.


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