Music Tip : Lady Danville – Kids (MGMT Cover)

Heey everyone, my music tip for this rainy Tuesday in Rio is… a cover,
ok, but it’s a good one… it’s a MGMT cover!! I love MGMT, “Kids” in special, a song that makes me wanna dance every time I listen to.
So, today  I was googling  then I’ve seen this Californian trio,  LADY DANVILLE (formed by Michael Garner, Dan Chang and and Matt Frankel ) singing MGMT and I fell in love.

Lady Danville boys,  from left to right : Dan, Michael and Matt

Lady Danville has  also amazing songs as Sophie Roux ( my favorite,wich in the begging has a part of “la vie in rose” ) an Tired Magician, songs to joyful days, a mix of pop, folk and rock.
All their song are already on my iPod : ) and i liked so much Sophie Roux that I could not post here without putting this song.
For more information, visit
Hope you like it!


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