Visione Artistica – Frank Stella: emotion and color melt together

Throughout his prolific career as a painter, sculptor and printmaker , Frank Stella has been known for helping to launch the Minimalism movement and then for breaking away from it. First impacting the art world by endowing non-representational artwork with new significance, Stella’s instantly acclaimed 1958 Minimalist paintings contrasted Abstract Expressionism’s emotional canvases. ‘I wouldn’t have bothered becoming an artist if I didn’t like the artists of that generation so much,’ he  have told to the Telegraph newspaper when asked about the artists that worked with him in the construction of the Minimalism movement.

Stella was an early advocate of making non-representational paintings, rather than artwork that alluded to underlying meanings, emotions or narratives. He wanted his audiences to appreciate color, shape and structure alone.Stella challenged the very notion of a painting by declaring his flat canvases, structured reliefs, metal protrusions and freestanding sculptures all to be paintings. He has never been afraid in the use of materials that is why he express  his visions in so many ways. 

Stella’s work was included in several important exhibitions that defined 1960s art, among them the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s The Shaped Canvas(1964–65) and Systemic Painting (1966). His art has been the subject of several retrospectives in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The artist continues to live and work in New York, inspiraring a lot of contemporary artists including me. 

Hope you like it!

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