The ancient RIO

Hello dear Monday!!
How was the weekend everyone??
Well, I went to this Antiques Fair there’s here in Rio, in the downtown, that happens every Saturday ( I’m almost every Saturday there as well), where you can find some vintage cameras, nice eyeglasses, discs,” gadgets and gizmos a-plenty,
whosits and whatsits galore”!

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do here in Rio, it seems like I’m going back in time every time I go there, moreover, the place where it happens, a piazza in front of the Guanabara Bay, is historical, is where the Portugueses  moored when they first came to Rio de Janeiro on January 1st, 1502.

I took some pics of objects and people there, and I hope you enjoy it!
ps: Click on the pictures and see all of them HUGE

Brooches  *__*

They were selling the whole discography of The Beatles

GRAMOPHONES!!! all of them were still working
30’s 40’s and 50’s cameras


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