My Funny Valentine

It’s Valentines day!! 
Well, as I’m single in almost every Valentine’s Day, I must say, that this is really something that does not mean a lot to me, Yeah, gave up on taking relationships too seriously,  and on believing in love ( HOW CAN ANYONE LOVE ANYTHING MORE THAN CHOCOLATE??)
However, I know this day may be important for some people, so I realized I should have a special post for it.
Don’t you agree with me that love is something that we should laugh about sometimes. Love is such a silly thing, isn’t it? Catches us unprepared, it makes us write poems, it freaks us out, it makes us giving up of ourselves in order to satisfy somebody. 
And despite my regret about it,I have to admit that truly love ( super rare) IS beautiful, IS wonderful, and that’s why I selected a few funny Valentine’s day cards for today!
Hope you LOVE it! 


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