Rodarte – NY Fashion Week

Can you imagine Rodarte now without an image of Elle Fanning, well I don’t think so…
But for this season, unexpectedly, the Rodarte woman had grown (okay, not as much as I would like, but is according to the age of its customers)  . What is a nice point  because, although I enjoyed some Rodarte garments, the brand had a too infantile representation.
Floral prints, silk, and ruffles are still here, but the designers mixed these with leather, especially in black and orange, fur , that is present on the aviator coat, as well as linen and wool, and not to forget the tall boots, something fetishist in the middle of this feminine and sweet attmosphere.
However there’s something that bothered me a lot….
how about this first dress with the hands printed???
Doesn’t it look like something we’ve seen before (Like this week on Diane von Furstenberg show)?
Well, is it part of a collective imaginary?? 

Hope you like it!

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