Sir. CulturaMan – 45 thingS you should know about movies

1 -If you’re trying to runway from somebody and you’re at the top of skyscraper, DO NOT WORRY, at the street will there will be probably a truck filled with pillows.

2-Cars in high speed can’t fly UNLESS they pass over a ramp.

3-Guns will just run out of ammo when you need them the most!

4- You’re only a doctor if you have an 

5-When you’re trying to escape from death you’ll stumble, then… bye bye dear life

6- If you it’s night and it’s raining , don’t go to the bathroom.The assassin will be reflected in the mirror!!

7- If the assassin tells you the whole creepy plan,I’m so sorry, you’ll die.

8- If you were left behind by your family during vacations, and you’re home alone, that’s okay, some thieves will enter you house, but you’ll stop them.

9- Animals can speak and play different kinds of sports.

10-When you wanna switch your body with someone, you just need to speak at the same time.

11- Kids can pilot airplanes.

12- The most popular people at school do not know anything about the non popular  students,and when they get to know each other better, they SIMPLY fall in love.

13- If you’re a man you can hide yourself of a woman, even if she’s TOO fat, really white or shorter than you.

14-  If you were dumped,  RELAX, you can Create a site of one of the biggest social networks in the world. 

15  The bite of a spider can give you powers. You may stay invisible (forever) 

16  If you expect to die, DON’T RUN AWAY.

17  If you’re mad about your angry ex-boyfriend, just go to a clinic and erase him from your memory. 

18  If you are a helpless girl (preferably a princess) and  you see your loved one near death tears could SAVE him.

19  If you travel alone on a boat you can moor in a place with tiny people.

20  If you are a cat in a spaceship with an alien assassin do not worry!!!You will survive.

21  Be careful when zipping up. Especially if the girl’s house that you want to impress. 

22  Be careful when hiring nannies. They can be ex-wife of the doctor who raped you.

23 – If a restaurant has good food, may have been a mouse that has done it ( trés bon).

24  Be careful not to doze off when the commander is talking. You may have to hold grenade.

25  If you have a twin brother and you touch each others hands maybe, a purple light will get out.

26  If you’re “unpopular” suspect if the captain of the team invites you to the ball.

27  To travel in time you just need a car, a clock or a device that you (FREAKY NERD ) built.

28 – Your ex may want to take revenge by putting a video on the internet and tarnish your image.

29  If you want eternal youth swim at the poo of the house besides yours, that was rented by Strangers.

30  Never invite strangers to come home. They may be vampires.

31 – American telephone numbers start with 555

32  When you want to hide yourself, enter a building ventilation system.

33  All bombs have a watch with a countdown.

34  If you know someone is going to die leave letters to his wifeShe will not be afraid but will think it’s cute.

35  To convince a girl to give up an abortion just tell her that the fetus has fingernails.

36  If you don’t have arrows anymore, start shooting chickens (but still being a lord ) the result is THE SAME 37  Millionaires can fall in love with prostitutes.

38 – Every apartment in Paris  has a view ofto the Eiffel Tower39  The Ninja fighters are primarily ethic and only one at a time attack the good guy/ main character (that is a master in the martial arts)40 – If you’re not sure about someone’s temper, let your dog near itIf he does not bark is good person.

41  If you’re very happy,danceeveryone around you will dance choreographically well.42  Never give rides to strangers.

43  Never climb the stairs if you’re running away from a murderer.

44  If anyone says that talks to dead people, the dead in question could be you.

45  If a clown ask to play you better start praying.
Hope you enjoyed it!by: Kaippe


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