Visione Arttistica – Philippe Starck, a master of contemporary design

The pieces created by the designer and architect are easily found in renowned magazines of interior design and architecture, but most people do not know the creator, only the furniture itself as the chairs, Louis Ghost and Miss Lacy.

Louis Ghost chair

Miss Lacy chair

He designs his hotels and restaurants in the same way a director makes a film, he develops scenarios that will lift people out of the everyday and into an imaginative and creative mental world. His hotels have become timeless icons and have added a new dimension to global cityscape.

Fasano Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

A’Trego Restaurant,  Port de Plaisance de Cap D’ail, France

Through his concept of democratic design ā€“ increase the quality objects at lower prices so that more people can enjoy the best ā€“ he was a lone voice at a time when design was turned exclusively towards an elite. Besides that,there are few areas of design he hasn’t explored: from furniture to mail-order homes, motorbikes to mega-yachts, and even artistic direction for space-travel projects.

Philippe Starck believed in the green long before ecology became fashionable, out of respect for the planet’s future. More recently he developed the revolutionary concept of “democratic ecology” by creating affordable wind turbines for the home, soon to be followed by solar-powered boats and hydrogen cars.
Hope you enjoy it!!
BY: Piambrosotti 


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