Sir CulturaMan – Let’s talk about Oscar?

 This Oscar has a enormous probability to be dominated by “The Artist”,a french movie in black and white that conquered the cult people with its nostalgia.Directed by Martin Scorsese “Hugo” is also also a great contender, that leads the list with 11 nominations. So, I’ll talk a little bit about the most important categories, based on  other awards in the film world:

Best Movie: After winning Golden Globe and Bafta, “The Artist” is the favorite. But Oscar is full of surprises ( remember Crash), and Hugo made Scorsese win the best director, so is a great competitor, as well as “The Descendants” that won the Golden Globe as the best Drama.
-The probable winner : The artist
– Have chances to win: Hugo and The Descendants
-I’m hoping to win: Midnight in Paris

Ps.: I did not think “The Artist” is that great, in nostalgia item is amazing, however the movie is an usual production.

Best Director:Michel Hazanavicius an unknown director until the current edition, won the Bafta as best director , as well as the french award César and many others around the world. Scorsese has also a chance, since won Golden Globe.

-The probable winner : Michel Hazanavicius
– Has chances to win:Martin Scorsese
-I’m hoping to win: Woody Allen

Best Actor: In most of the  awards “The Descendants” had competed George Clooney was the only winner, however Jean Dujardin ( the artist ) won Cannes, a very important prize.

-The probable winner : Jean Dujardin
– Have chances to win : George Clooney

Best Actress :  This is the most concurred nomination. Meryl has 17 nominations, but only won 2 of them. Viola Davis is in movie highly acclaimed by the critics and until now the one with the highest number of viewers. Michelle Williams conquered many ones living Marilyn Monroe, a great pop culture icon. Meryl won the Golden Globe and the Bafta, Viola won the SAG and Michelle Williams won the Golden Globe.The 3 of them also won prizes and critics around the world.

-The probable winner : Meryl Streep
– Have chances to win:Viola Davis and Michelle Williams
-I’m hoping to win: Rooney Mara

Actor in a supporting role: Christopher Plummer won Golden Globe, SAG and Bafta.
-The probable winner : Christopher Plumme – Beginners

Actress in a supporting role: Octavia Spencer just like Christopher Plummer won Golden Globe, SAG and Bafta,  is competing with his movie co-star: Jessica Chastain.
-The probable winner : Octavia Spencer – The Help

Original Screenplay: This item is almost certain to Woody Allen, that probably won’t go to the ceremony. And competing again is “The Artist” that won BAFTA.

-The probable winner : Midnight in Paris
– Has chances to win: The artist
-I’m hoping to win: Midnight in Paris

Some others categories that must be mentioned:

Best Costume: Is something  already certain. The costume, just like the scenario it refers to the 20’s.
The probable winner : The artist

Music: In a silent movie the music is one of the most important aspects.Especially if we’re used to  talking pictures.
The probable winner : The artist

Visual Effects:  this is a special nomination for the BlockBusters.

-The probable winner :Rise of the Planet of the apes
– Has chances to win: Harry Potter

Original Song: This is a very awkward categorie. “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets and “Real in Rio” from Rio have 50%  chances to win .

Animated feature film: because of an Academy rule TinTim is out of the competition, what means that Rango might wins.

Foreign language movie: A Separation is the movie that is winning all the prizes in the US, will probably win.


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