I cannot be as much happy as I’m here in anywhere else in the world. 
There’ll be NY or Paris, even Sidney or Shagay, but none of then will ever be the place I call home
More than inspiring me,  Rio de Janeiro is apart of my own existence, is a complex symphony, which you don’t need study or experience to understand, you just need to get carried away by the sea foam that flows in the sand of the beaches, by the samba, chorinho and bossa nova,echoing through the streets, avenues and towns. Rio is more than a city, is a state of mind,  is in the smile that stretches from north to south every morning, that lies on the dancer, the gari,  the executive, in order to become without distinguish their own kings and queens of the Carnival. Rio is a state of mind that embraces the world and that contemplates and welcomes the sunset every evening. Rio is the personification of the new,the unknown,is me, is you.
Happy 447th birthday!!


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