Visione Artisctica: Views of fabric from Natalie Abrams and Andréa Facchini

I love the movement of fabrics represented on canvas or in intallations, the lighness and finesse of it atracts me a lot, so in this post I used it as the theme. Natalie Abrams and Andréa Facchini are artists from different countries, different realities, but both artists use fabrics as inspiration.
Natalie Abrams presents her view in fascinating three-dimensional work, created with ribbons of encaustic material.

She’s really moved by nature and our surroundings. As an environmentalist, conservation issues and current events are always in her thoughts, including when she’s working. Sometimes, the viewer gets confused trying to discover what the sculptures are, a coral reef or a fabric? But the answer is up to you.

Andréa Facchini ‘s work has inspired me in the composition of many works by her technique and themes. Excess and movement are some of the qualities achieved in the patient artisan process of Facchini. From inside, the creations are driven by crisis situations, visibly located in the epicenter of where the conflicting elements of the compositions are launched by freespace. The surface details, shapes and vibrant shades escape from the canvases to an interior experience.

The explosion of colours of her canvas amazes the viewers as well as the conflit bwteen fabrics with beautiful movements and textures.The folds of fabrics that are approaching intertwine and repel are a symbol of strength and sensuality contained in each woman. The female subjectivity as a distinctive feature is something dear to the artist.

Hope you have enjoyed this artistic vision!

2 thoughts on “Visione Artisctica: Views of fabric from Natalie Abrams and Andréa Facchini

  1. I've had the great opportunity to visit Andrea's studio in Rio de Janeiro. It was a real pleasure to get into her world of creativity. So full of passion! I've only seen a small share of the great work Andrea has done and have been left with a "give-me-more feeling". Andrea, can't wait to check your next series out!Patricia Morais

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