Visione Artistica – The blue of Yves Klein

The study of color has always been something that fascinated me in many artists such as Monet, Kandinsky and others, but in the work of Yves Klein (1928-1962), I find very interesting his work with a monochromatic studies with huge range of materials.Although he was the son of two painters, he was only interested in art in 1955, at 27 years old when he settled in Paris, there he began exhibiting large monochromatic paintings, using different materials and chemical substances to produce strong tones.

He painted using different colors, but a singular shade of ultramarine blue was patented by the artist himself as “InternationalKlein Blue.” Records of the effects of rain and wind were the basis for the series Cosmoganies (1960). In Anthropom√©ries (1961), he used the human body impressions on large canvases, this series has generated a lot of criticism of his work mostly in an exhibition in which he produced a canvas during the opening with several naked women painted in blue rolling on a open canvas over the ground. 

He and Pierre Restany founded the neorealist movement, giving voice to a group of artists who incorporate real-life objects in their works to make ironic comments on modern life. 

Klein died prematurely of a heart attack, but his works are stillinfluential today in art in general, brands such as Yves SaintLaurent, Gucci, Chanel, Zac Posen, Prada and others have created clothing and accessories using the color created by him.  

Hope you have enjoyed this artistic vision!


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