REcycling Fashion

As I always say, fashion must be a democratic way of self expression, but that’s not enough!
It is important for our future in this planet that fashion become a way of transforming lives, taking people out of misery and respecting the place we live on,  reusing what would be thrown away.
Well, a couple of weeks ago I met this incredible woman, Lu Cuelho (and her brand “Insólitas”), who works with recyclable materials and transforms them in luxury design. Among the materials there’s paperboard, Popsicle sticks, old comics, eggshells, balloons and a lot more!
This project began 3 years ago when Lu had to do a final work to complete her fashion graduation. So, she chose Gabrielle Coco Chanel as her inspiration, and discovered that almost 100 years ago Chanel was already thinking about sustainability in fashion – “I don’t like this country, because they throw everything away” – said the designer about the U.S.
After making a clutch made with fish skin, Lu had her work rewarded, and people started to ask her if she could sell clutches  like this, so she did, and made a huge success.
Besides design with unexpected materials, Lu also does a social work in Vidigal, one of the biggest favelas here in Rio. She teaches women, girls and boys how to make clutches, taking them out of the crime and redirecting them to ballet and English schools. Until now, Lu supported 2 girls that have gone to the U.S and 2 wrestlers that are working in the U.K. However, the most important gain in this project isn’t the money, but the smile on this faces.
With a great sponsor, the singer Dionne Warwick, “Insólitas” is conquering even more fans, including me.
Hope you enjoy it!!

Waleska Ventura wearing Insólitas dress and clutch /tablet case


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