Desperately seeking Madame Grès

Is very frustrating when you start goggling something, an then you realize there’s almost nothing available about this, or when there’s something, that’s barely insignificant due to its importance.
Well, that happened to me this week, I had to do a college research about a famous designer, so, I though it was better to choose one from the beginning of the xx century, and after a few moments thinking about a non obvious option I chose Madame Grès. It was perfect!! Especially because I’m studying deeply the Greek culture and clothing.

However, when I began to search on the internet I didn’t find anything substantially good.Nothing equivalent to her greatness. ( nothing in Portuguese, English or Spanish). Nothing on “Victoria and Albert Museum” site, neither on “Musee Bourdelle” ‘s.
I got really disappointed, then I started searching in some books, well, the same, a single paragraph.

The most complete information I’ve found about her was in French, and as “Je parle un peu de Français” ( almost nothing ) I could not understand the majority of the text

We must have respect for  our fashion history.
And is not because France is the home of aute-couture , that fashion knowledge can be developed and  preserved only by the French.
Here I leave you my sincere regrets, so far, I’ll keep searching for more information about Grès.



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