A magical journey of a ballerina flat

People usually say that women have this crazy addiction by shoes and I have to affirm… they’re totally right.WE HAVE!
So, tell me, how do you fell when you  buy new amazing shoes? they can be high heels, platforms, flats, stilletos ….
and how about  that magic moment when you find the last pair of beautiful shoes, the most pretty in the store, and you realized they’re your size, it’s almost like an orgasm or eating a belgian cholate.
Well, last week happened something very peculiar with me…
I was at mall ( don’t ask me why, I don’t remember ) walking very distracted by the corridors and then I suddenly see this very bright  and red dot in a shop window wich was a little bit far from me.
So, I get closer , and closer, and its a ballerina flat, like Dorothy’s one!!! Dorothy’s
Do you guess how many times I searched for this?? countless!
And there was only a pair, my size (5 1/2)!! Okay, I confess I love “The Wonderful Wizard  of Oz ” and Dorothy and Jude Garlard ( I know “somewhere over the rainbow” lyrics by heart), so I had to own then.
Conclusion: I bought the stunning flats and I must stay a month without buying new shoes. As I say : there’s always a sacrifice.
* On this foto ( thanks Alexandre for taking it ) I’m wearing the “dorothy’s flats” and this blues dress that I made some changes, and in wich my grandmother was maid of honor in the 70’s.


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