Hello everyone
I’ve been planning this post for a few months,
and now I think it is the right time to post it here.

As a fashion journalist I must be well informed, so I have to read all kinds of fashion and general media. Mainly, the virtual ones.
Although there are many good sites and blogs, there are many others which are horrible, terrible.
And when I mean horrible I’m being truly honest!!

So, today I’m gonna be your fairy godmother and tell you what you SHOULDN’T ( never ever)  write or do on your blog!!! Just Because I’m a very nice person *_* and I don’t want you to become a joke on internet.

1- Your homepage is your first impression, is like your clothes, you cannot seem careless. So, If you’re not a web designer or if you don’t know how to manage Photoshop, ask someone to design your layout, or your webpage layout can seem like a child’s drawing on microsoft print.

2- Do Not use animated gifs, despite being trash you’ll seem like a child once more.

3- If you want people to continue visiting your blog, it must be visual attracting, forget about flashy backgrounds people will not stand staring it! Focus on the post photos and choose a neutral background!

4- Every time you publish a post think in what you would  like to see in a site, create interesting posts that can cover a large audience.

5- And how about your photos?? would you like to see low quality pictures in a blog?? Not all. So, always post visible photos with high quality on your page.

6- The same goes for videos. If your like tutorials, the videos must  have high quality.As well as the audio, your voice must be clearly heard, then try to eliminate the noise. And if you want to add songs , caution: they should not only be clearly heard, but can not override your voice.

7- If you want to conquer audience, try to choose a specific public and focus your posts and subjects on it.

8- If you want people to respect your work try not to be extremely informal, NEVER ( never ) write curses  and do not overdo the criticism of public figures or companies. You can even be processed.

9-Do not post photos and details of your private life. It’s internet, people can use them against you

10- At last, BE CREATIVE!
People don’t like to read the same news everywhere. And are your creativity and your personality that will highlight you.

PS: One more thing: don’t use comic sans!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and  hope you use these rules to help us to improve fashion media!


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