Visione Artistica: the conceptual furniture of Fernando & Humberto Campana

Over the past twenty years, Fernando and Humberto Campana have risen to become central figures in the field of international design. Their rich visual language is firmly anchored in their native land of Brazil. I have gone in an exhibition of some renowned designs of them here in Rio de Janeiro and I was so impressed by the poetry behind the objects.


The many facets and contradictions of their environment inform their understanding  of design as a cultural appropriation of influences through a kind of immunological process. The big wide success of their work is result of a the transcendence of the boundaries between art and design,in the creation of esthetic icons with the form  of unic pieces and lilmited editions.


The first impact on the work of Fernando and Humberto strikes for simplicity,looks like the most obvious choice of materials. Polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets obey folding and moldings, often manual.Rope, straw, palm fiber, plastic hoses, bamboo, intertwine and explode in exuberant shapes.

“The force of nature and the power of abstraction, a functional object, but extremely emotional and ludic. I see design as an object of affection. We are living in very little affection and try to bring that excitement to our objects.” Humberto Campana

The studio became famous for the design of furniture, but has interests in several media and is targeted at different audiences. In the area of ​​fashion, the brothers signed the Campana collection of designer jewelery H. Stern, beyond the limited edition reinterpretation of the Lacoste polo and history of collaborations with brand shoes and handbags Melissa. 


This constant interlacing, apparently random, as in a children’s game,became a registered trademark of the brothers, who with the most diverse materials, from cotton to aluminum, creates unusual textures that perhaps it is this memory forms a nostalgy  for living closer to the roots of things. This relation fascinated me a lot, I hope it has produced the same effect on you.

Hope you have enjoyed this artistic vision!        


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