Visione artistica: the erotic and surrealistic art of Brian M. Viveros

A friend of mine sent me this week a link to a post on a blog talking about Brian M. Viveros, a contemporary artist,I instantly loved his work for its dreamy and ambiguous content. He is a surrealist fetish artist, famous for his erotic paintings and drawings.

He works using an incredible mix of acrylic, pastel, oil and ink on canvas which makes his paintings rich in colors and textures in order to create this reality that awake the lienated and tired minds of society.

“Mysterious sexy women, with their remarkable sensual eyes, and a cigarette in the corner of their mouths, became his trademark. (…) His art is a unique mixture of different visual and artistic concepts, surrealism, role playing and some quite heavy pain fantasies. Like the ones where the women are hooked, tortured and bound, but somehow, even in these morbid scenes, he is capable of maintaining a decent dose of humor.”-Art of Love

“The cigarette is a part of me that I try to convey through my work, my signature, has become a sort of brand, it is also much easier to paint than a can of beer in every fucking picture. ” Brian M.Viveros


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