Trend: Sneakers with heels

Certainly you have heard the famous sneakers with heels embedded of 6cm, released by French designer Isabel Marant.

At first glance, the shoes are kinda strange. The model is a bit gross and don’t look so lightness.
But  after some fashion bloggers and other celebrities appeared  with the shoes, it became the new “it” of the season.

And even being more used in urban outfits, the sneakers with heels is pretty cool to combine with casual clothes.

Given the success of the pioneer Isabel Marant, other brands decided to get in the mood:
Marc Jacobs, with six color models and apparently with the jump a little higher than those of Marant:
Schutz, with pieces signed by Felipe Veloso, Matheus Mazzafera, Gasperin Sabrina and Micah Richards:

Esdra Design, with models amazing and varied, containing animal print patterns, fringes and brightness:

Juliana Jabour, with models in leather and tied scarves:

So, would you use the famous sneakers with heels?


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