For the ethical treatment of Animals

Hello everyone
Well, today I decided to post about a different thing
something that’s actually disturbing me a lot today
the way animals are treated by the fashion and the beauty industry!
Yeaah I’m vegeterian and I do not wear nothing that has leather or fur,
but normally I’m not someone who keeps bodering everyone about this all the time
Specially because I think everyone has the right of choise

However this morning I read an article in a magazine I preffer not to mention about  “wonderful”  fur stoles from a famous designer collection.
FUR?? And I keep questioning myself if is this necessary nowadays, okay, there was a time when people needed to wear fur to protect themselves from  the cold, but today we have technology enough to produce synthetic fabrics which protect us in the same way.
So, fur eds up being a unnecessary “luxury” 
what is the credibility that a huge magazine gets with this kind of article???

And there’s more….
how many innocent animals do you think are killed every year in order to produce a make-up?? 6 million

here’s a small list of companies that do not test make up and other cosmetics in animals
Amway, Avon, Chanel, Clarins of Paris, Clinique, Estée Lauder, M.A.C, Payot, Revlon, The Body Shop, Victoria Secrets, L’anza, 

For more information go to
there’s also a great fashion area at the site, only with vegan clothing

plus , a nice Peta video that can change your life
(with subtitles in portuguese)
hope you enjoy it!


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