The MET Ball

Hey hey hey
I’m finally posting about the MET Ball. I’m so sorry for not posting it before, but as I tried to do a complete post, it took me quite a time.

Anyway, let’s get back to the point…
The MET Ball is always a great event to see how wearable are the couture collections, and (for me at least)  the one that can be compared with the Oscar.
However the event this year kinda disappointed, there were more mistakes than successes!
Wrong shapes, wrong colors, and a few people trying to be the next Bjork.
Schiaparelli must be rolling over in her grave.

So, I’ll start with my favorite ones….

By far Emma Stone and Rooney Mara were the best dressed of the night!
Rooney looked incredibly sober and classy in this Givenchy one shoulder lace gown, the makeup was very soft and the hair very minimal in order to focus attention on the dress.
And then there’s Emma, gorgeous!This Albert Elbaz dress is just a dream!!( look at the flower details ). The hair also matches perfectly.
Gisele is stunning in this Givenchy, what else can I say??
And Carol Trentini looks like a fairy, doesn’t she?? The  dress was designed by the Belgian designer Olivier Theyskens.
So, here is something very peculiar….
I have to admit that I don’t like Camilla Belle a lot ,but I can’t deny that she has style, and she’s stunning in this gown, the retro look fits perfectly in her.
And Lana del Rey ( the sleeping pill girl ) … well, she’s being committing some  huge fashion mistakes, but now, without the whole 50’s in excess, she’s somehow learning what to wear. In my case I wouldn’t wear that cape, but assuming she’s a singer and wants to shock, that’s okay.The dress is a Joseph Altuzarra.

Diana Agron and Bee Shaffer, feminine and cute without laces or candy colors.
They didn’t committed any mistakes ,but despite this, no big surprises.
And here is something that I’m still trying to understand.
KK is sexy and sparkling, but WHY that awful turban matching with the gown?
Coco, Coco
I actually don’t know what to say about that jumpsuit.
The colors are difficult to match and this pink dyed hair is kinda childish, but the jumpsuit has a whole historical meaning, Coco bought it at the Elizabeth Taylor auction.   
Bianca Brandolini tried to wear a baroque look, but went extremely over.
And Anna Wintour…. you’re the editor in chief of Vogue America but wearing fur not only makes you less a fashionable person, but also a more cruel one.
Sarah, is this a curtain dress? are you pretending to be Scarlett O’hara from “Gone with the wind” ?
And Scarlett Johansson, how could have you done that?? you’re always impeccably dressed, and you pretty, you’re sexy, you don’t need to much. The proportions are all wrong, Scarllet seems to be shorter, the neck makes her chubby and the hair… no comments.
Here are two of the most disastrous girls ever in the red carpet, Beyonce doesn’t know how to manage her sinuous curves in a dress, oh, she’s in a House of Dereon gown of course . And Kristen keeps being a vampire teenager, and it gets worst when she adds colors. Only Kristen can destroy the power of a Balenciaga

Just when I thought Christina was getting better, she wears this Thakoon gown . Unforgivable, unforgettable.
Elizabeth Banks is wearing a Mary Katranztou dress.Well, I must say that I admire Mary a lot, but this certainly isn’t a red carpet dress. There’s too much information, a huge collar + a peplum skirt + a slit + different patterns = I don’t know where to look 

And finally Florence and Anja:

I usually adore Florence looks, but this McQueen gown should definitely keep on the catwalk. It’s over and she looks shorter than she really is.

Was Anja Rubik trying to be sexy ?? She is just looking anorexic with that enormous slit.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!


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