Visione Artistica: crying for art and fighting cancer with Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood is a filmmaker, video artist and photographer who is interested mainly by the differences between perception and reality.
She works with photography for over 20 years and started doing exhibitions in the early 90s, yet her photographic work most known is the series of 2004 “Crying Men” in which she made many portraits of actors crying.


The portraits include Tim Roth, Gabriel Byrne, Laurence Fishburne, Woody Harrelson, Michael Gambon, Jude Law, Hayden Christiansen, Ryan Gosling, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Newman, Ed Harris, Benicio Del Toro, Willem Dafoe and Kris Kristofferson. All actors pose in an expression of anguish, bringing up many questions about the perception of reality by the media.


Taylor-Wood said: “Some of these men started crying before I even turn on the camera, others, on the other hand, found the task very difficult. People decide for themselves who they think cried with truth and who was pretending. The idea is to show these great men, such masculine, from a different perspective.” 
The result was a variety of performances, from tears frankish to quiet cathartic contained sobbing. Each picture evokes the curiosity of why they cry, it will be grief, betrayal, a moment of extreme grief and sorrow? Why do men fall in tears in privacy? For a moment, they have forgotten that this weakness is captured by the photographer in an extraordinary artistic act.

Another spectacular work of her was inspired by her two fights against cancer, one in colon and the other in breast. It’s called “Self-portraits Suspended” which she takes self-portraits in her studio in London in an aura of elevation, fluctuation.


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