Sir CulturaMan: Other 45 things you should know about movies

PS ²: There may be some spoilers in this post

1-If your spaceship is called for a rescue, it can be a trap.

2  If your car hit,  run! There will be a mega explosion. But sometimes it’ll roll over several times and nothing will happen

3  If you are a woman do not worry about high heels, you fight really well with him.

4  Every important person in Africa wears tribal clothes 

    5  To beat the most dangerous criminals in the region you just need a pan

6  To deactivate a bomb you just need to cut the blue wire  

7  Are you delivering a glass? Sorry, someone will break it in the middle of a race.

8  In a parallel dimension nothing will be the same.

9  Good guys get shot and beaten and still standing. But when someone will take care of injuries like a kid.

10  Heroes can break the whole city and there is no problem.

11  If your house explode and a person who doesn’t know you ask you to live with him/her, you might be schizophrenic.

12  If you are 13 years and is angry with your age is just asking and wanting to use a magic dust that you’ll wake up with 30 years old.

13  Guns just after the ammunition are no longer usefulness. You can just throw out and get another.

14  Be careful with your mother in law. She may be planning something against you.

15  Not only gays when are in the closet enter in their own world.

16  The good guy kills four bandits, but four bandits do not kill the good guy.

17  In the United States there are only Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

18  Someone is shooting at you? Avoid it falling backwards in slow motion.

19  To be a good detective you must be good at anagrams as well as having expertise in various areas.

20  Do not trust people with scars on his face. Unless he has a wand.

21  If you have a twin brother you have 50% chance of being evil.

22  If you are a cheerleader you’re probably blonde, evil and smart.

23  The first time you jump between buildings you will fall .

24  Want some coffee? Go ahead and eat a Big Mc.

25  If you find images plantation is better coat the door. The aliens will want to dominate and kill everyone.

26 – Old ladies always create cats.

27  Dogs detectives are smarter than their owners.

28  If you are blind florist you’ll recognize your true love when you return to see.

29 – Lost your keys? Open the door with a credit card or a paper clip, or perhaps with both at the same time.

30  If in your day-to-day you see too much red you probably have problems with your mother

31  Beware of sexist sailors.

32  If you are a nerd,hated by everyone, just change her hairstyle and change the frame of the glasses that you will be beautiful and popular

33 – If you have a stepmother she is probably bad.

34  Never travel to South America “out of track. You can be sequestered  and even have your organs stolen.

35  Do not go to barbers who are located above a bakery.

36  Are you in the 80’s? Dance wildly

       37  If you suffer from Acrophobia do not take care of crazy women.

38  If your mother hides the true identity of her father maybe he is a transvestite.39  Never let your friends convince you to have a party when your parents are away from home.

39-If you’re in love, write a romantic play based on your passion, it can be one of the most popular in the world.

     41 If you kill someone and want to look like a robbery be careful with the evidences.

42  If a woman pass skating in front of you and then disappears she 
may be one of Zeus daughters .

43  Beware of anyone who asks permission to enter your house.

44  Be careful with your autocracy classes..

45  If the person you love will begins to ignore you, she/he forgot you forever.


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