Preview Fashion Rio

New Tuesday Fashion Rio begins!
Are you in the town?
Have you memorized the schedule??? (no? see here!!)
Invitations in hand??

So, now that you’re ready
I’ll show you a little preview of what Rio offers


Inspiration: the collection is inspired by the video Gobbledigook of Sigur Rós and Ryan Mc Ginley.
Shape: geometric shapes, with straight cuts, pleats, folds and tribal graphics, sports, in jackets, vests and shorts, and overlapping layers.
Fabrics: chamois, leather bass, salmon blanket, linen, sequin, chamois screen embroidered with crystals, silk georgette, transparent scales embroidered with crystals and silk knit.
Color palette: light green, lime green, moss green, light blue and turquoise.


Inspiration: typography, books, letters, stencilled paper pages: elements related to writing since its inception forms the scene explored by the brand this season.
Shape: straight and structured shirts, apron and tailoring.
Fabrics: fluid with transparencies, natural linen.
Color palette: bright as the vivid blue and yellow,  cream and off white.
Prints: are sometimes graphic, sometimes ethnic and play with letters, rocky grounds, stamps, flowers and figures.

Cia Marítima

Inspiration: the beaches of Hawaii.

Shape: bikinis and swimsuits with cutouts geometric modeling cropped and flowing dresses.
Fabrics: silk with embroidery, jacquard with lurex yarns and handmade applications to Lycra. Silk scarves appear on moorings in swimsuits and bikinis.
Color palette: colors like coral, yellow, turquoise, pink and royal blue.
Prints: tropical grounds, with images of the Pacific Islands in sepia.
Filhas de Gaia

Shape: inspired by the 50s and 60s, with straight shapes alternate with wide skirts and midis.
Fabrics: mix of rustic and technology, and classic fabrics like silk organza.
Color palette : orange, emerald, lemon, light blue, black and white.

Maria Bonita Extra
Inspiration: the metamorphosis.
Shape: delicate and feminine forms, sandals with platform heels and low cut-influenced art deco.
Fabrics:come with applications. The lace and pressed cotton with drawings.
Color palette: yellow, green, blue, pink and pastelcolors. The neutrals and nudes gain contrasts with the acid colors.
Eva – Reserva

Inspiration: family reunion.

Shape: shorts, pants  and overalls.
Fabrics: cotton, linen and silk.
Color palette: cobalt blue, leaf green, pink, yellow, orange and lots of white.
Prints:  floral prints, stripes and polka dots

Inspiration: inspired by the works of photographers and radiologists, the collection offers a game of light, colors and transparencies.
Shape: large dresses, skinny pants, bustiers, large shirts, cropped jacket and vest, hotpants, shorts and shapes in A. In dresses, modeling has the 50’s high waist .
Fabrics: transparent colored overlays in tissues, in jeans washing techniques and raw materials . The image of the positive / negative arises with the mixture of raw tissue (such as denim), with the lightness of other materials (such as silk) in one piece. The jeans are made with 100% recycled fabric
Color palette: shades of blue, pink, green, orange and gray, with a predominance of white, blue and dark tones.

Inspiration: natural paradises,beaches, spas, pool parties at sunset. Music, art and creativity, Venice Beach, California, the surfing, outdoor sports and nature of Oahu in Hawaii.

Fabrics: silk or viscose chiffons, georgettes crinkled, crumpled cottons and knitwear with lurex lace.
Color palette: pink, green, coral, toffee and white.
Prints: based on the crystal sequins.


Inspiration: to celebrate 10 years of her brand, the designer will make an allusion to iher major hits, such as calico pattern.
Shape: large dresses, hot pants.
Fabrics: silk, embroidery


Inspiration: came from Procida Island in Italy and throughout the coastal climate, and Italian women.

Shape: Capri pants, structured dresses with cinched waists and lengths above the knee.
Fabrics: satin contrasting with cotton yarn. 
Color Palette: white, red, blue and pastel colors.
Prints: patterns of arabesques and waves.

Espaço Fashion

Inspiration: Turkey , Ottoman references in line with icons of rocker aesthetics .
Shape: jeans, pefecto jackets , rocker t-shirts.
Fabrics: jeans, leather, cotton.
Color palette: neutral and citrus.
Prints: patterns placed strategically emphasize the modeling .


Inspiration: the brand promises a more conceptual and abstract collection, following the line of multipurpose and overlaps with different textures and bright interference.

Shape: geometric and more straight .


Inspiration: Zen garden .
Shape: Japanese references are mixed with contemporary modeling. Thus, sports jackets in satin kimono.
Fabrics: mixture of materials such as nylon and perforated leather, contrasting with satin, jacquard silk and organza.
Color palette: pink, red, grape, deep blue, green gradient tones with touches of gold, black and off white. Prints: appear with drawings of vintage posters, panda origami  in effect pied-de-poule.


Inspiration: Japan and multiculturalism.
Shape: modeling like pajamas, comfortable, and surrounded by ruffles.
Fabrics: silk and some mixture of cotton.
Color palette: shades of blue.


Inspiration: the hashtag #everythingatonce is the subject of collection that speaks about color, gesture, movement, technology and art.


Inspiration: the spontaneous creativity of homeless people who need to adapt the materials they find in their day to day.
Shape:a mixture of overlapping pieces with lashings and adjustable which make them  full of  identity.


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