Visione Artistica: The True Beauty Exists???

This week, I’d make a post about prejudice in the art to propose a discussion about the international day against homophobia, but I have seen  “La Piel que habito” (The skin  that I live in) of Pedro Almodóvar and it was echoing in my mind the question: “Could be possible the existence of a true and universal beauty?” thousands of artists already have attempted to answer this question in several ways, but none came close to her because I believe it does not exist. I see this conclusion in the work of Jenny Saville that I put next.



She constructs painting with the weighty heft of sculpture. Her exaggerated nudes point up, with an agonizing frankness, the disparity between the way women are perceived and the way that they feel about their bodies. One of the most striking aspects of Jenny Saville’s work is the sheer physicality of it. Jenny Saville paints skin with all the acuity of a Swedish massage; violent, painful, bruising, bone crunching.

Society are obsessed with diets, nutrition, physical fitness, health, vanity, self-esteem and Naville tries to show us that life is more than this cruel obsession. 
Saville’s somber adult lens, directed towards the nude, takes off where Lucian Freud ( I will write about this extraordinary artist next week) ends, and her interest in surgical and biological metamorphosis reveals an almost   apocalyptic view of the human form.


What I’m trying to say with this post is that no matter what people orthe media talk about your body, it is your belief that should count only! Do not waste your time trying to be someone you are not, be yourself  because in that way you will be unique!!



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