Roman Polanski for Prada

When fashion and cinema get together!
The incredible movie “A Therapy” by Roman Polanski for Prada is a moment like this.
Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley 
Hope you enjoy it!

A game, a thought that has been achieved thanks to the friendship and mutual respect. When I was asked to shoot a short film for Prada, do not think I could really be myself, but the truth is that the total freedom I has given me the opportunity to gather set my preferred working group and have fun with them.
The ability to reason about what today represents the world of fashion, and the fact that he is accompanied by so many stereotypes, is charming, even a little disturbing, but definitely not something you can ignore.
It is very reassuring to know that there are still
places where you can work with irony and intelligence, and Prada is definitely one of them.”

Roman Polanski


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