My tourist day in Rio

Hello everyone, enjoying this weekend ?
Well, I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot.
The weather is marvelous today, and despite being a little tired ( a.k.a fashion week ) I couldn’t fail to seize the day.
Every Saturday there’s a flea market here in Downtown Rio (Praça XV Flea Market ) , in which I go once a month. And it’s somehow very special for me being in contact with things I’ve never seen personally, things older then my grandparents. Being back to a past and imagine it something unspeakable, specially when you think these objects where a part of someone’s life.
Anyway, in Praça XV Flea Market you can find lots of old cameras, cds, books  and magazines ( really cheap ones ) , clothes, shoes, furniture, pottery, almost everything.
Well, after some shopping ( I bought sunglasses, a shirt, a shoe and a purse from the 60’s , all of this for approximately US$27.00 ) I went to museums around the downtown ( the best ones in Rio are there ) to further improve the day.  
And here is a little tip, if you’re in the town, and wants to escape the commonplace, I’ll list you the best places to visit in Rio.
-CCBB: museum 
-Praça XV flea market
– Botanic Garden
Here are some photos I took today,
hope you enjoy it!!



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