Visione Artistica: Lucian Freud, more than a portrait painter

Lucian Freud is one of my favorite painters for his unique aesthetic and amazing models. For those who have wondered if there is parentage between him and the illustrious psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, he was his grandson!

Born in Berlin in 1922, but moved to England in 1933 due to the Nazi movement. His early works combined a surrealistic treatment of unusual objects with a neoromantic dreamlike quality. However, his greater interest was the human figures.

Between 1940 and 1950, he developed his own style innovative at the time, with the realisation of portraits of meticulous observation and made with a rare clarity of lines and textures.

His work owes its singularity to the painstaking, almost obsessional tratment of a form of painting developed from his use of regular models. 

“My horror of the idylic, and a growing awareness of the limited value of recording visually-observed facts, has led me to work from people I really know”. FREUD, Lucian   

“I want to paint to work as flesh.[…] I would wish my portraits to be of people, not like them.[…]  As far as I am concerned the paint is the person.” FREUD, Lucian

He arranges his models according to precise stagings, bringing the furniture into play, as well as the studio’s rare objects: rubber plant, busted sofa, worn airmchair, iron bed, washbasin, wallssplatterd with paint. The theme of the studio -which he generically refer to as the “interior”- allows to a transversal reading of his work.
” I always felt that my work had’nt much to do with art (…)  I ignored the fact that art, after all, derives from art. Now I realize that this is the case?” FREUD, Lucian 

“In art you take risk,  it’s actually a deliberate thing. You are on the diving board”.  

Kate Moss naked and pregnant
Queen Elizabeth II, a highly polemical official study 
I hope you have enjoyed this artistic vision!!

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