MDNA – Concert

We’ve shown you photos of “MDNA Tour” rehearsals 
and now is the time to see how was her Madonna’s first concert of this  tour, 
in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Lots of woman pride, cone bras and polemic!
The pop classic songs mixed with ones of her new album and stunning garments!
the set list is here:
Girl Gone Wild, Revolver,Gang Bang,Papa Don’t Preach,Hung Up,I Don’t Give a,Express Yourself,Give Me All Your Luvin’, Turn Up the Radio,Open Your Heart,Sagara Jo,Masterpiece,Vogue,The Erotic Candy Shop,Human Nature,Like a Virgin Waltz,I’m Addicted,I’m a Sinner,Like a Prayer,Celebration 
The video of the show I’ll unfortunately have to post latter, because until now there’s no one with high quality, but until there you can see the photos and try searching on youtube.
hope you enjoy it!


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