You’re living in the past it’s a new generation!!

The youth of today – An Essay 
 (a Sunday break in this futile life ) 

People usually say that “We are a reflection of our past”
But, seeing from a very personal perspective, in a context I’m in,  I believe that even with the numerous technological advances that our time brought us …..we live , ideologically, in the past

Our youth is, in general, sexist and conservative, we don’t fight for our rights, we’re blinds by a shadow we’ve grown up with. A shadow of acceptance and illusions. A shadow that leads us back to the 50’s.

Our idols (John, Jimi, Bob ,Warhol, Audrey, Marilyn, Kurt and Fred ) are our parents and grandparents  idols and are all prisoners of an unknown past.

What is our source of inspiration? Reality shows??
What is the literature of our time?
Who is the main artist, musician, actor of our time?? who is the master?? Do you think their art is gonna last??

Reflect about it!!

The world out there is upside down, and the ones who promised that would changed it have been corrupted.

What do you need if we already have the weapons?? The freshness of our age, the beauty of discovery.
We must at least sometimes turn off our gadgets ( and our egoism ), forget about our facebook or instagram account and start thinking that we’re the “glory” future of our decadent home,

and then maybe we can put some color back to this old friend !!!


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