Visione Artistica: Maurizio Cattelan and his irony in the form of sculptures

In an interview in 2004, when asked to define his artistic style, the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan replied: “Lazy.” The irony of the answer fits in perfectly with the subversive nature and the black humor of his work.
He also have said: “I wanted to be a designer, but I was not smart enough to it”, I think that the design is not his artistic language, his gorgeous sculptures are. I simply love this artist for his aesthetic and themes, so ispiring for me, I hope it inspires you too!!

Many of his works tend to comedy and the absurd, in 1998 for example, he convoked an actor to wear a mask of Pablo Picasso and receive the visitors at the entrance to MoMA in New York, as if the museum was a theme park and not a temple of contemporary art. His irony reaches several social themes such as religion, sports, politics, art and history.

Cattelan spares nothing nor anyone in his constant desire to question values ​​and perceptions. Criticizing one of the most important elements of Italian culture, the catholic church, the sculpture “the ninth hour” (1999), depicts so apocalyptic and realistic the Pope John Paul II sprawled on the floor, hit by a meteor. In the “ready-made 76 million” (1992), in turn, he chose capitalism as a target displaying a broken coffer which was stolen 76 million pounds. In” Him” (2001), a miniature Adolf Hitler prays contritely on his knees, remembering the Catholicism of the Führer.

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