In my second post I want to make it really will print the address on the blog, fashion, music, culture and interests of the male universe today, the taste of men ceased to be a limited thing and began to expand itself in various segments. Rather than discuss these pros and cons of print patterns have been analyzing the major changes that are making an impact on men’s fashion scene.
  It is true that most men prefer to wear lighter, with softer colors, in order to stay classic and not look like they are trying hard to follow the latest trends. The key here is to pick a standard clothes and anchor it with neutral items, which complemented the casual look.
With this in mind, the first part of this guide, I will be bringing four of the main trends of the season. I hope that even the most reserved among these readers find one that can work within your wardrobe this season. So without further ado they are:

Are more widely associated with the female half, more man prune using floral prints and remain masculine.

One of the biggest proponents of the trend for SS12 floral pattern was the collection of Prada. The advertising campaign used talented actor Michael Pitt and the type and amount of clothing made ​​floral prints is amazing. The floral patterns adorned not only shirts but also made ​​its way to shorts and even pants.
Kenzo supported the trend of a slightly different form, with floral and foliage prints shirts, jackets and matching hats in softer tones, channeling the 70s. Other designers who also supported the trend was floral Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and Brioni.

Some seasons the flower is firm and evolution is inevitable, the new bet is the segment that has floral Hawaiian shirts and other elements associated brands such as Topman, ASOS, YMC are characterized by joining in the Hawaiian style shirts in recent collections.


Geometric patterns represent an impression that trends tend to be highly cyclical and come around a few seasons.

Burberry Prorsum was a major proponent of the collection geometry and consisted of several square, triangle, rectangle, and patterns of ornaments in bright primary colors that extend around the collar and below the upper half of the investment. The geometric patterns of color also echoed in the choice of footwear Burberry Prorsum – leather, fabrics, fringes income-ups with acute injections of aqua blue and yellow mustard.

Another type of printing which appears to be highly geometrical in popularity is the medallion impression, where a number of ways are repeated to create a pattern. Again, Prada made ​​extensive use of the medallion print in your collection – especially in their relations that characterize the seventies print in shades of brown, orange and mustard yellow. Hermes followed a similar pattern in its ties too, though they chose to softer shades of candy colors and left ends of the ties materials to add a textured effect worn.

It is another trend that has had a surprising increase in popularity recently, very found today among the fashionista street, printed overlays and accessories like hats, bags back.

The military trend is one that is always present in almost all seasons of menswear, and camouflage goes hand in hand with military influences. Dsquared2 included military spare keys as heavy parkas.

However, perhaps the greatest advocate for the trend camouflage print was Tommy Hilfiger, with standardization camo appearing in a wide range of items from clothing, jackets, coats, jackets and shorts, boots up the desert and moccasins. The impression of camouflage also works incredibly well with its advertising campaign for SS12, which has a real safari feeling and was filmed outdoors featuring tents, jeeps and themes of camping under the stars.

Polka Dot 
One of the patterns that are entering in menswear is the polka-dot. Cousin polka dot, both horizontally and vertically is going into collections each season so short, but SS12 seems to be the time for the polka dot shine.

Many men may think polka dots can be extravagant, of course, there’s always that risk, depending on the color and size of balls used. No man wants to look like Minnie Mouse. The key to channeling the use of polka dots successfully is to ensure that the points are small and not very vibrant colors, or you run the risk of entering a clown and this is not the intention of printing.

Topman and Asos currently has a line with Navy interesting shirts, denim jacket with white available. It’s like printing on said ball must have limits to be followed, with this in mind using this new element in their day to day will bring a sophistication to the look.

The balls also work perfectly in accessories like scarves, hats and shoes.

We all know now that prints and patterns will dominate the men’s fashion throughout the remaining season and spring / summer 2013. However, finding the type of print or pattern that matches your personality and wardrobe can be tricky. Fortunately, there is so much variation and choice follows easier, you should be able to find something that complements your personal style. If you want the jitters, couple of camo, or something more sophisticated, like marbles, the Fast Fashion Brazilians are much more attuned and always try to match the major international department stores, always bringing to the plow parts of the season with super prices comrades , then bet on them.

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