Three Last Movies That I Saw #02


I decided to watch Blindness because was directed by Fernando Meirelles, from City of God and The Constant Gardener. Since first scene the movie show that is not a movie to see eating popcorn in a sunday afternoon. Based in a Saramargo’s book is a film to think about the life “How is the life of a blind?”, “What if I were blind?”,” I value my vision?”.

Blindness talk about a epidemic of blindness unprecedented in a big city [ thesis is in Sao Paulo] where people suddenly stay blind. The government put the firsts sicks in quarantine for not spread to the rest of the country. Julianne Moore’s character gonna to quarantine to stay closer her husband, but she’s not sick.

In the movie the new blinds “don’t see in black” but white, a white blindness like is called it. The  Cinematography’s film is so clear, so white. The cinematographer is from nominated Oscar from City of God, César Charlone, like the editor Daniel Rezende also nominated.It’s a movie that worth but it you have patience.


~What’s Your Number?

A romantic comedy to see in a Sunday afternoon. What’s Your Number? talk about a modern relationship involving sex. In the movie Ally Darling (Anna Faris) read a article magazine that talk about a number of sexual partner of a woman in your lifetime, about 10,5. Chatting with friends he discovers that your number 19, is so big. At magazine’s article also speak women with more than 20 have more difficulty found a husband. Ally decides search her old boyfriends to don’t raise the number and for this Colin Shea, her neighbor, will help Ally found they.

It’s a cool movie like other comedies and as others does not bring new, there is just to spend time and we think that falling in live is easy and in the life the right you get married and have 3 children.

O filme é legal como a maior parte das comédias e não trás novidades, existem somente pra passarmos o tempo e acharmos que se apaixonar é fácil e que o certo na vida é se casar e ter 3 filhos.


~Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World when released on DVD cause a friend talk about and I was so excited cause is a big movie and one year after I review and look better. The film is a adaptio of a comics that take place in Toronto, Canada, “Sex Bob-Omb” hometown, band whose bassist is Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) of 23 years old. He start date a asian schoolgirl, Knives Chau, but sometime after Scott falling love for Ramona Flowers and lost the turn-on of Chau. What Pilgrim don’t know is that to date Ramona he needs defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends.

There are some reasons to love this movies: Michael Cera acting what he know: a nerd. The edition cutting on hight moment, making it agile and holding on to the screen. The effects of film make the movie look a game and sometimes a comic. Wallace Wells character of Kieran Culkin have a comic soul. The soundtrack stir and leads the scenes. Ramona’s flighty and her 7 evil “ex” and other charater, effects, set design, costume and whatever.

And other thing: WATCH THIS MOVIE! Mainly if you are a nerd. 🙂


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