The “Banda UÓ” – Uó band – band became known for their great covers of international music, with video clips and very elaborate productions shared on the youtube profile, won the network and innovate in the new national music scene mixing Brazilian rhythms added on the basis the “tecnobrega” rhythm with influence in pop, rock, dance among others, the trio 
Mateus Carrilho, Davi Sabbag and Mel Oliveira  define the sound as tecnomelody.
The band is patterned after the “Bonde do Role” band , UÓ mixes cheesy electronic music of Pará, while Bonde draws from funk carioca. The look is one of the most natural things in the band since everyone has a style and alternate the look of thrift store chic goes through the 80’s television drama with hipster influences. It sounds like something international, but it is the face of Brazil, “says Mateus Carrilho.
The first single “Faz Uó” -Makes Uó- , had already demonstrated a little of what was in the debut album “Motel”.

Day 9, Thursday, was released behind the scenes of the recordings. The video shows the process of studio and has comments from members, Davi Sabbag, Mateus Carrilho and Mel Gonçalves, and also the producer Rodrigo Gorky and Pedro D’Eyrot (both of Bonde do Role), the general coordinator Rafael Ramos, and Preta Gil, who participates in the track “Nega Samurai.”

“Motel” will be released on September 4, by Deckdisc, but is already in pre-sale on iTunes. It was released a preview of the album about 1:30 each song can be heard below (the track Horse Fire, is a perfect hit).

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