Para ler em português acesse : Revelando Jum Nakao
The revealing for today is a Brazilian designer, with a Japanese name – he’s a grandson of Japaneses – . 
Jum Nakao, a master in the moulage art, a genius, will also conquest you by the end of this article.

In his production, Jum Nakao is able to combine the digital technology resources with the refinement of unique handmade garments, like the meeting, in a suspense and fairy tales environment, between the elaborate fashion from the XIX century and the playful universe of the Playmobil dolls.

It was in fashion that Jum realized the possibility of this approach and started his studies in 1984. In 1988, he took licensure in Plastic Arts at Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado and, in 1989, academic extension program in History of Garment at Instituto de Museologia de São Paulo -Institute of Museology of São Paulo- and History of Fashion at SENAC. 
In 1996, he was considered as the great revelation at the Phytoervas Fashion 6th Edition (fashion event for new talents) and took over the job of Style Director at one of the largest fashion companies in Brazil, Zoomp, where he worked for six years. He was invited by Du Pont, in 2002, to be the partner fashion designer in the Hotel Lycra International Project. 

 In 2003, unprecedentedly, a fashion work was part of an Art and Photography Exhibition in Brazil – Imagética.The works performed in the graphic arts area achieved awards and international like: The One Show (USA), “How Design” (USA), “Creative Review” (England) and ADG (Brazil). In 2004, the Banco do Brasil requested a campaign to tighten ties with art, fashion, cinema and dancing. In this project, there is the participation of directors of art, photography, advertising and dancing companies.

He presented in June 2004, at São Paulo Fashion Week, a performance in which, at the parade’s end, the models tore elaborate garments made of vegetal paper manufactured during an over-700-hour work. More than an mark on his career, this presentation is legendary.

With a perfect scenario and styling – the models were wearing helmets that seemed like playmobil’s hair -it was worth of  haute couture . 
The paper draped and cut like it was a fabric is almost unbelievable.
 In 2005 Jum launches, in the São Paulo Fashion Week’s general schedule, the book and documentary “A Costura do invisível” -Invisible sewing -, accomplished from the Summer 2004’s parade references.

In June 2005, he paraded and exhibited in Paris at Galeries Lafayette during the celebrations of the Brazilian Year in France. In the celebration of ten years of fashion in Brazil, through São Paulo Fashion Week, his work “a costura do invisível” is paid homage as the decade’s fashion parade.

 In January 2006, he was invited by the international curator Anne Zazzo, from Galliera – Fashion Museum of Paris, to be part of the International Exhibition that gather the most representative fashionable works from the entirely 20th century until today. 

 Since 2006 Jum coordinates the new talents at CFW. In 2007 he exhibited REVOLVER at MON – Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Brazilian Design at Itamarty Palace, Urban Sightseeing on Transitory Livings at National Museum, What eyes can’t see on SESC. 

In 2008 The Enchanted World of Jum Nakao is presented at The New Dowse Museum. His work, luxdelix, is selected by Japanese curator Yuko Hasegawa from MOT – Contemporary Art Museum from Japan – to be part of the international exhibition when lives become form held in 2008 at São Paulo. 

Today Jum presents several lectures and workshops throughout the world about the creative process. 

Nakao’s latest project was to design the costumes of the Brazilian part of the Olympics Closing Ceremony.


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