Sexual Controversy – Dazed & Confused

Versão em português: Polêmica Sexual na D&C

Censored before its publication , the cover of Dazed & Confused” has Azelia Banks with a condom in her mouth. The magazine describes the “accessory” as the must have of the season. Controversial? Yes, but what‘s wrong with that?

Given that condom saves millions of  STDs and is a symbol of sexual awareness, there is nothing more  just than put it on the cover of a magazine of such scope.
Questionable is the fact that certain countries that censor the magazine accept the publication of men’s magazines with naked women. I do not think either of them should be censured, but admit it is a huge contradiction.
So we question the value of female sexuality. In the XXI century, after so much “burning bra, it is natural that a man explore his sexuality, unlike the female figure, often censored and marginalized.

The editorial with Azelia for D&C you can see here below:


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