Pictorial language

Versão em português : Linguagem Pictórica

In recent weeks I have been venturing into the world of photography, trying to study it more deeply and understand it in a more sensorial way. So do not be surprised if I start using its particular words through writing and texts, as the following one.

I begin to believe that the relationship photographer – photographed does not occur simply by the moment, but it is something previous. Photography is like commanding a film the preparation, the angle, but the first adds up the hesitation characteristic of the shoot button. How to choose the best take?
The transformations that engenders are not confined in the picture, but among the infinite individual worlds of the  portrait, the sitter, the photographer and the viewer, and their beliefs-post and pre-.

There is no doubt that photography has changed our way of life. Nobody believes that may occur something new, so the photos  – connected to the many means of artistic and technological expression – shows signs of change. Therefore it lives and survives of the constant shifting and promises that proposes.

The proposal that is made today is the return of images better suited to our physical, tangible and human conditions and the demystification of illusory images that sets this place, which we often believe to be the reality.

No more reveries, good friday!


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