“All my design comes from taking something that already exists and working on changing it in some way. Look underneath the way I have twisted it to make it ‘Gaultier’ and things are fairly conservative. And that attitude stretches beyond my work, into wider issues.”

Born on 24 April, 1952 in Acueil, France, Jean Paul Gaultier became famous for his designs with underwear elements and boudoir aesthetic, as Madonna’s cone bra, his invention for the “Blonde Ambition Tour”.

Few is known about his childhood and adolescence, despite the fact that in 1970, with only 18 years old he was hired as an assistant of Pierre Cardin, who was impressed by his sketches. 
During the early 70’s Gaultier worked for Jacques Esterel, Jean Patou and again for Pierre Cardin in 1974.

In 1976  he presented his first prêt-a-pòrter collection.

During the 80’s Jean Paul Gaultier was the one to reincorporate the corselet/corset to women’s closet. A symbol of sex appeal, the corselet was not a chauvinist prison anymore, but the key to sexual awareness. Seduction was a synonymous with emancipation.He invented fashion for strong-willed women, offering ostentatious lingerie: rather than burning bras, he put them on display, as if to express a kind of liberated femininity.

The all-powerful macho man had been well and truly toppled from his pedestal. Gaultier began to have fun and declared the arrival of ‘the male object’, going so far as to suggest that men should borrow from women’s wardrobes by creating skirts for men in 1985. And Gaultier, himself used to wore them , before Marc Jacobs dared to .

The 90’s came and with them, Gaultier greatest hit , the cone bra.  Immortalized by Madonna and considered a synonym of Gaultier.
In 1993 he launched his first perfume, “Classique” , that has the bottle with the shape of a women, followed by “Le Male” , for men, two years latter. “Le Male” Incorporated navy elements and increased the sales of Gaultier’s menswear.

Jean Peaul Gaultier have designed costumes for movies like “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” (1988), ” Kika” (1994), “The Fifth Element”(1997), and “La Mala educación” .
He designed costumes for Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese  and for another Madonna’s Tour , “Confessions Tour”
Gaultier has also launched the perfumes “fragrance for humanity”, “fleur du male” , “Ma Dame” and “Kokorico”.


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