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Unlike what many people think, who works in fashion usually earn little money, and I include myself in this, we live to work, we love our work, but we live far from the glamor you would expect. And I also know that this is the reality of many of our readers. So I made this little guide for you that just like me love doing interesting programs, spending little. And in São Paulo is no lack of diversity.


     CCBB, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil of São Paulo has very interesting exhibitions every month and the entry is free. Now in exhibition there is “Impressionism” a retrospective on the art movement with paintings from the Museum D’orsey occupying four floors of the building.  It is worth seeing and being moved by the magnificent paintings of Manet, Degas and Lautrec. The museum is next to the “Sé Square”, the “Tea viaduct” and the Municipal Theatre, is easy to go on foot, but if you want to see this exhibit go in the morning, because its always crowded. 

LiberdadeSão Paulo is known for having the largest Japanese community in the world and the neighborhood – Liberdade –  is its stronghold. Friendly, the neighborhood is a haven in the bustling downtown area. I can’t deny that is one of my favorite places in the entire city and I always visit it when I’m in São Paulo. There you can find all kinds of quality makeup for a price well pleasing to the pocket. Is it worth going into one of the many grocery stores, at least to see some play food, candies and sweets that you can only find there. If you can go, go on a Sunday, that day of the week because the neighborhood is colorful by the cultural events that spread through the streets. Take the subway to go and once you’re there discover the neighborhood on foot .

       Casa JuisiThis tip is for vintage addicteds. Juisi has the best collection of vintage São Paulo, a whole townhouse full of costumes and clothes for rental . Many of the costumes we see on nationals soap operas and movies come from there. The house is home to some sporadically exhibitions and has a very unique decor, composed of copyright works unpretentiously stuck on the walls, which contrast with the antique furniture and the mansion itself. Every month new garments  arrive from Japan, the U.S. and Europe and the collection has over 2,500 clothes and accessories. The owners Simone Pokropp and Junior Guarnieri are very friendly – Junior himself attended me – and in love with clothing.

Masp . The Art Museum of São Paulo may even be a cliché of tourism in the city , but it does not relieve a visit. Designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi, the museum is a milestone in the city’s most famous avenue,  Avenida Paulista. The glass cube separates the urban chaos to the museum, which has a significant collection, with pieces by artists from Brazil and abroad, there are about 8,000 pieces, including 73 sculptures by Degas. Now the museum houses the exhibition “Caravaggio and his followers”, which is open until September 30 and is curated by Flavio Magellan. Admission is $ 15.00 but the entry is free on Tuesdays.
*for more information about the exhibition “Caravaggio and his followers” click here 

    Galeria do Rock ( Rock Gallery)Stronghold of the youth in São Paulo, the gallery is actually an area where live several tribes, from Goths to skateboarders. It has some tattoo parlors and it is the best place to buy shirts of rock bands (it’s cheap and has all possible kinds of rock shirts). The architecture of the building is also very interesting, worth a visit!

     MAB-FAAPThe Brazilian Art Museum is on the campus of the University Armando Alvares Penteado – aka FAAP – and features for free until September 30th the exhibition “Fashion in Brazil – contemporary creators and memories” with a retrospective of Brazilian fashion, with pieces from starry tailors from last century and current designers who have great visibility in national and international fashion markets. The exhibition more focuses on the  industrial and commercial than artistic, but it is still interesting. It’s open every day of the week. To get there go by bus.

      Vila Madalena.The neighborhood is the most bohemian in the city, it grew significantly in the 70’s when it was inhabited by students of the University of São Paulo (USP) which is nearby. Full of hills and streets with funny names – Glitter Street is one of them, which is perpendicular to Harmony Street – its is full of art galleries and studios, breathes culture and is filled with colorful walls with graffiti, has the coolest bars and is frequented by the vanguard of São Paulo.



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