Green dress and pearls

Versão em português aqui
Pinheiros, São Paulo, in my hand posters of art exhibitions, the green dress, starry, breaks the seriousness of the gray concrete walls. I run in what is one of the many points of this unknown land, the train is coming. The hair is wrapped in my scarlet purse, I try to fix it.With a crack in the cold metallic floor , a pearl yhat was adorning one ear drops. My eyes, somewhat misguided attempt to get the earrings, it would be the second pair lost in the week. Among the ordinary rush, a curly hair lower itself to collect and deposit pearl in the small hand cupped. I thank, in the following measly milliseconds I see the angular profile that back then the human herd,the face outlines a smile that follows, and he follows,  rules emerge from a backpack indicate: he must study architecture. The figure, dressed in black is lost quickly from the crowd. I spent the next hour making up stories the about outlandish figure of curly hair and pale skin. I would like to find him  in the immensity, ghostly and urban.


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