Three Last Movies That I Saw #03

      Para ler em português: Os Últimos Tres Filmes Que Vi

~Vou Rifar Meu Coração (2012)

Maybe the music is the most beautiful behind the arts. It’s about all moments, goods or bads. Everyone has a own musical taste, but never losing the pleasure of listening to music. “Brega” was born in the Brazilian Northeast and has in the lyrics love in its various forms often being synonymous with tack, after all, who never had heartbreak?

Awarded nationally and internationally, the documentary “Vou Rifar Meu Coração”,  directed by Ana Rieper, show love stories that are guided by the rhythm typical of the Northeast showing that many find themselves in the lyrics sung by Amado Batista, Wando, Roberta Miranda. A large part of the film takes place in and Sergipe him an iconic figure in the region, Osmar Farias, appears telling his life story double love that lasts more than thirty years with fruits of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
With 78 minutes long movie passes and other northeastern states shows beyond the bigamist, the love between a former prostitute and a man who fell in love at first sight, a transvestite prostitutes on the highway, a gas station attendant to that suffered betrayal, a broadcaster that gave space for the lovers in their programming. The film is lovely not only by the testimony, but for the same reason that makes these songs being successful: identify with many of the stories.

Music that gives its name to the film  “Eu Vou Rifar Meu Coração” by Castilho Lindomar


~ La Casa Muda (2010)

This horror film from Uruguay low budget is based on real events that occurred in the 40s in a village in Uruguay. Filmed in just four days resulted in 78 minutes and gonna to Cannes.The film tells the story of Laura and her father Wilson, who will work in cleaning a home that will sale. He will see what happened and she gets herself waiting underneath it.

Not much to talk about this movie, but it is those that I did not indicate to be seen. These days debuted the American version of it and I hope with all my heart that is better than Latin.


~ Jesus Henry Christ (2012)

Ever thought to have a great memory where everything you ever lived since birth in your mind is intact? this is what happens to Henry James Herman, second highest IQ in the world. Raised by his mother, who he called Patricia, and his grandfather, since young shows to be different from classmates and with 10 year old decides to go after her biological father. Father donor semen that his grandfather gives a little way to help find him even against the will of the mother of Henry. In search of the lost father is Dr. Henry O’Hara and his daughter Audrey, the thesis of a book of his father.

This is the first production of [pretty woman rs] Julia Roberts and not wanting. I thought this film like Little Miss Sunshine, perhaps by Toni Collette is the mother of Henry, or the familiar context without rhyme or reason, or even the fact that Henry be (almost) as kind when Olive. The Dizzy Doctor O’Hara is a sweet that only makes the movie look better and more comical as his daughter sulking. The young Jason Spevack who plays Henry working well in some scenes and even today I wonder how he managed everything.

Não bastando o filme ser adorável ele acaba com a música “Home” por  Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: 



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