September 1st , an almost-birthday and a thousand wishes

versão em português aqui

In about 7 days I complete another year of life and I do an mental overview of everything that I was and all that I can be, of my personal , affective and psychological relationships. And I see in front of me a river, a river without banks or fixed directions.

I could write here a countless gifts that I’d like to get on my birthday, it would be easy to idealize and I would have many views on a post like this. But that’s not enough for me. So here I wrote a list of everything I want for my life in this next cycle. And I believe that the reader will identify with some of them.

– Take more pictures for fun – and buy a new camera by the end of the year.
– Attire less and smile more.
– Wear red lipstick and leave marks.
– Work, work, work.
– Read unhurried.
– Play whole cds  without advancing any music.
– Practicing more yoga .
– Eat without guilt.
– Love without guilt.
– Organize my texts.
– Read more Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
– Cut my hair – or not?
– Use colored socks.
– Traveling, even though it is to close cities.
– Enhance more my friends.
– Do not underestimate me.

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