Adriana Varejão super exhibition at MAM-SP

Adriana Varejão is one of the greatest contemporary artists in the world, with works in important museums around the world as Inhotim Centre for Contemporary Art (Brazil), the Stedelijk Museum (Netherlands), the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum (United States) and Tate Modern (England). An superexhibition in MAM São Paulo will cover many  iconic works and other until then unreleased.

The exhibition will take place starting today (September 3) until December 20 under the name “Adriana Varejão – Stories on the margins.”
Among the works made for this exhibition, there is a panel of approximately 18 meters long, with 54 modules painting depicting the tiles which include carnivorous plants. Besides this, two other works were produced for this exhibition.
“Margin refers to sea, but also what lies outside the center” Adriana word about the title of the exhibition. For her, history is a living thing changes in constants and this is one of the main motivations of her work.
The curator is  Adriano Pedrosa  with whom the artist maintains historic collaborations since the 24th Bienal de São Paulo (1997-98). Rodrigo Lopez and Fernando Falcon Cerviño, designers responsible for the projects of two books by the artist in her atelier and her pavilion at Inhotim Centre for Contemporary Art in Brumadinho (Brazil), took charge the project expographic and the graphic design of the catalog of  the exposure. This pavilion in Brumadinho was one of the works that I know from her personally and was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had, all pavilions in Inhotim are fascinating by the way, I recommend all.

Are these examples of the series of “plates”, “” Saunas “,” Ruins of Jerky “,” Mares and Tiles “,” Languages ​​and Incisions “,” Irezumis “,” Academic “,” Proposal for a Catechesis “and” Earth incognita “, as well as papers presented at the São Paulo Biennial in 1994 and 1998.
I watch in a blog an amazing video of an interview with Adriana Vareijão that inspired me a lot, watch it too below!
More information about the museum click here.

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