Back to the Future – Interview Magazine

We always try to select the most interesting editorials to post here.
And as this is the most important month in the year for fashion, it couldn’t be different.
So, with plenty of stunning editorials – I can not say the same about the covers – I had to select the best one to publish.
After a lot of searching, I came in to this one, “Back to the future” . An “interview magazine” editorial, in B&W. Starting with the theme, the 60s, it clashes with the editorials published more recently – especially in magazines that do not circulate among the general public, as interview – that have prioritized the 80s and 90s, with a number of ensembles, polka dots , clashing prints and neon.
What can be seen here, besides the great contrast between light and dark, is a more avant-garde personification of the 60’s futuristic heroines s, especially the model Twiggy and Barbarella, immortalized by Jane Fonda. Symbol of the female sexual freedom outset? No, “Back to the Future” is the portrait of the 
post modernity in the third millennium.

Hope you enjoy it , following photos and data:

Models: Frida Gustavsson and Nimue Smith
Photos: Mert & Marcus


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