Everybody’s gonna love MARIANA today

Homenagem em Português: Todos Vamos Amar Mariana Hoje.

Sometime ago a girl sent me a DM on Twitter wanting me to contribute pro her blog. I thought a bit, watched and started posting things and more things. I started talking with her in fre time and she proved to be someone more interesting.

Mariana whom I call Lady Grandma captivates people who live more than 1000 km away [me] beyond close friends, such as Pedrinho also contributing Grandma Stole My Closet.
Today Lady Grandma are not supplementing years and yes passing another stage of life. With 18 years [older in Brazil] increased responsibilities, respect for others, a way of seeing life.
Congratulations Mariana [think I speak for all the contributors Grandma :)]
Ps.: When I go to Rio let’s drink to much and celebrate our older: D

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